Technology Solutions

Our application of technology is practically driven with a view to achieving efficiency, reducing costs and improving communication and reliability in data flow.

We will not force customers to adopt unnecessary technologies for the benefit of our business when there is no identifiable advantage for the customer, but will always make recommendations when it is wise to do so.

Our vehicles have satellite tracking capability and data is provided not only for location tracking but also for temperature performance and control. Our tracking systems are calibrated to monitor temperatures at all times, so that we can ensure your products travel at the optimum temperature throughout the journey to your customer’s door. We can provide you with temperature performance data at times where you may require it.

All product touch points are tracked electronically to enable easy and immediate tracing of stock and the monitoring of real-time temperatures across all our vehicles, docks, warehouses and delivery points.

Customers can request EDI Integration solutions that link directly to customer systems and provide real time visibility for receipt notification,  stock holdings, order picking. Customers can also use this technology to create ASN for deliveries using live data.

Our systems also provide electronic access to proof of deliveries, customer invoices and account information.

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KPI Reporting Systems

Karras Cold Logistics currently provides a variety of performance reporting for its customers across Transport, Warehousing and Distribution channels including;

· DIFOT Reporting

· Temperature Reporting

· Specific SKU metric based reporting

· Shrinkage & Damage Reporting

· Non-conforming Delivery Issue Analysis

· Demurrage Reporting

· Pallet type tracking

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