All goods are carried subject to our “Standard Terms and Conditions or Carriage Contract” found on the reverse of our consignment note for Cartage and Standard Storage Terms and Conditions Document for Storage.
  1. Rates do not include GST, Fuel Levy or Insurance of the goods
  2. Pallets for transport exceeding 1000kg in weight (Inc. 50kg for each pallet) and / or 2.4 metres in height, will be down stacked and charged at additional pallet space rates.
  3. Pallet for storage must not exceed 1.2m in height and 1000kg in weight.
  4. Pallets for Transport held in Storage for more than 48 hours, will incur an additional charge of $15 per pallet plus GST.
  5. Insurance of the goods is the responsibility of the Customer if not arranged prior with Karras Cold Logistics.
  6. Credit Claims for product shrinkage and/or damage will not be investigated if prior warranty arrangements with Karras are not made by the customer. Warranty will incur additional charges on a per consignment basis.
  7. Unless we have agreed to provide Extended Warranty Protection for the goods and you have paid the additional charge for that, we will not be liable in tort or contract or otherwise for any loss or damage to the goods, loss of market, loss of use or consequential loss or for any deterioration, mis-delivery, failure or delay in the delivery of the goods in transit or in storage for any reason whatsoever, including negligence.
  8. If we have agreed to provide Extended Warranty Protection for the goods and you have paid the additional charge for that, our liability will be:
    1. Limited to the manufacturing costs of the goods lost or damaged; and
    2. Limited to loss and damage which is proved by you to have been caused in transit during provision of the carriage services; and
    3. Restricted to the accidental loss of or damage to the goods (other than loss or damage resulting from any variation in temperature, except as provided in condition 8d; or
    4. In respect of loss or damage to goods resulting from a variation in temperature only if attributed to:
      1. Breakdown of refrigerating machinery resulting in stoppage
      2. Fire or explosion
      3. Overturning or derailment of the carrying vehicle
      4. Collision or contact of the carrying vehicle with an external object other than water
      5. Setting of an incorrect refrigeration temperature by our employee or agent, contrary to written instructions; unless otherwise agreed
  9. Consignments must be within 2 degrees of required temperature specification prior to collection on each and every occasion. Correct Freezer temperature specification is -18 degrees Celsius, chilled is +2 degrees Celsius, and temperature controlled is +15 degrees Celsius. We have the right to reject any consignments upon collection or delivery into any Karras facility if product temperatures vary more than 2 degrees Celsius from the required temperature. Additional charges will be levied for any returns and/or redeliveries.
  10. Customers requiring transportation of Ice Cream must contact us prior to the work being carried out. Generally we will not transport Ice Cream products due to the nature of metropolitan pickups and deliveries. Warranty Claims for Ice Cream products will not be recognised.
  11. TRADING TERMS: Payment terms are strictly 14 days from invoice date
  12. In the event the account has not traded in a 3 month consecutive period the account will be suspended and a new credit application and rate proposal will be required to be submitted.
  13. The rates quoted will be held firm for 6 months subject to any cost increases affecting the Transport & Refrigerated Warehouse industries, which are outside of our control. Rates will be adjusted in line with the Cost Component Index noted herein, and advised within 6 weeks of the review date or immediately when any component increases more than 5.00%.
  14. Karras Cold Logistics applies a fuel levy on all transport consignments. The fuel levy is reviewed on the 15th of each month. Karras utilises a fuel levy model which incorporates a base cost and monthly analysis on the movement of fuel at a cents per litre rate each month. Our pricing data can be independently verified on the BP website.
  15. Rates are strictly on a per consignment basis.
  16. All bookings are to be faxed / emailed 48 hours prior to pick up date.
  17. Transport Office working hours are 7.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday excluding Public Holidays.
  18. Requests for Saturday deliveries or at other times outside of Normal Working Hours will incur additional charges for penalty labour rates. It is the responsibility of the customer to verify rates for this work prior to the work being performed.
  19. When pickup and/or delivery locations require specialised equipment and services, such as Hand Load / Unload onto pallets, use of electric pallet jacks, customer’s inability to load/unload on/off bars, additional charges will be levied at an hourly rate of $85 per hour minimum 1 hour.
  20. Customers are responsible for the provision of labour to load or unload the carrying vehicle.
  21. Rates quoted include allowable waiting time as per table below. Demurrage charges may be applied where waiting time is exceeded. This charge is levied at $90 per hour, or part thereof to cover the cost of local driver labour rates and fridge fuel.
- 1-5 (Spaces) 6-10 (Spaces) 11-22 (Spaces) 23-34 (Spaces)
DC Deliveries60 Mins60 Mins120 Mins180 Mins
Metro Pick up/Deliveries30 mins45 Mins60 Mins90 Mins
  1. Delivery of the goods shall be at the address given by you for delivery and if delivery cannot be made at that address during normal trading hours then an additional charge will be payable for any consequential storage and further delivery attempts. A signed receipt or acknowledgement of delivery shall constitute proof of delivery.
  2. There will be a pallet charge of $0.10 per pallet per day for all consignments into delivery locations that incur pallet delays, to cover the cost of delayed pallet transfers off the Karras Cold Logistics pallet account.
  3. This quotation is valid for 30 days and acceptance can be acknowledged by signing the enclosed copy or by tendering goods for transport or storage, which are the subject of this quotation within 30 days. Tendering of goods shall be conclusive evidence of the acceptance of these conditions.
  4. If service requirements change from those as agreed above and within original description of scope of works, Karras reserves the right to adjust its pricing in order to recover any additional costs incurred.
  5. Any specific service instructions outside of this Agreement will be required to be made in writing to Karras Management and approved, prior to the commencement of the service in question.
  6. A charge of 2.5% of the gross value of each transport invoice will be added, if you require us to track and collect physical originals of PODs (rather than scanned copies) on your behalf and send with your invoice.