Karras Cold Logistics is a dynamic provider of integrated refrigerated transport, cold storage and logistics services. We are specialists in partnering with businesses that require a critical refrigerated service where product quality cannot be compromised along the cold chain. We serve all industries and businesses large and small. We deliver peace of mind so you can focus on your business.

Customised End-to-End Cold Chain Logistics

Connecting Manufacturers & Suppliers with Customers

People Powered Logistics Solutions

Concerned About Your Importing or Exporting Cold Chain Integrity?



We have the transport service to match any requirement you may have. Whether you want to transport a small parcel through to a B-Double trailer load, we have the expertise, equipment and enthusiasm to make it happen.

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Our large scale cold storage warehouses are strategically located in metropolitan locations, to assist in the efficiency of your operation. We offer frozen and chilled temperature environments and can cover all of your 3PL needs.

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We can pick up and deliver freight in most locations throughout Australia. We have equipment of varying sizes to cater for the movement of a box right through to a B-Double in temperature controlled conditions. We will be there for you as your business grows.

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technology integration


We provide a range of technology solutions to assist Customers to drive down costs, increase efficiency and improve communication. Our customised Cold Chain processes can integrate with your operation and we can provide you with relevant reporting to provide peace of mind.

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Dynamic communication

Sometimes problems need to be resolved so that you can finalise that sale. Whether the customer rejects your delivery or there is a major traffic delay - things happen. The Karras team will regularly communicate with you to ensure any problem is rectified quickly and beyond expectation.

Being flexible

In today’s world nothing is certain. Production problems occur in your warehouse, your customer orders at the last minute or your supplier could not supply the essential ingredient. You need to amend your booking. Karras can provide you with the flexibility to overcome the daily business challenges.

Premium equipment

We aim to enhance your reputation by employing industry leading vehicles and refrigeration units. Our premium service is backed by the most highly specified equipment, so we can provide you with temperature integrity, reliability and happy customers.

Effective technology

Our aim is to make customer interactions with us simple and effective. We employ technology that achieves this aim so that information transfer and reporting is reliable, accurate and focused on the metrics that matter most. We will work with you to help reduce administration costs from your supply chain and to enjoy a more seamless logistics experience.

Amazing support

We have a dedicated and passionate team of support professionals that are available for customers when they need it most. Our support team has a mission to never let a customer down, so give them a try and experience the Karras difference in action.

Happy People

Happy people provide superior results. Our Mission Statement guides us to provide a positive and rewarding environment for our people. We are proud of our loyal and hardworking team and have received countless accolades from customers on the way our people conduct themselves in every interaction.